Success is more than just a number

Success is more than a number on the scale. More than just the percentage of body fat. More than just your waist measurement.


Success is showing up for your workouts when you don’t feel like it.


It’s being consistent and not skipping weeks “just because.”


Success is asking for help when you need it.


Success is making better food choices, even if it’s not a “perfect” food.


It’s about getting more sleep.


It’s about drinking more water (that’s your cue to take a big sip!)


It’s about being an influencer in your family and taking the first step to go for a walk.


Success is showing your children, your daughter’s especially, that physical activity is a part of life. A fact of life, not a luxury.


Success is taking a breath. A moment for yourself when you really need to calm down.


Success is reflecting on what works for you and doing more of that and less of what doesn’t work.


You get to decide what success looks like.


Don’t make it someone else’s success.


Make it your own.