My First Session With A Trainer

I remember my first appointment with a personal trainer.

It was at Gold’s Gym and my trainer was Lynn. I bet some of you know who I am talking about! Lynn doesn’t recognize me when I see her around town, but I remember that day.

I remember because I felt dopey and “I couldn’t get it right” and, for some silly reason, I thought I was suppose to know how to move already!

I particularly remember my trainer showing me how to do a forward lunge and the “inner thigh” machine.

Lynn kept correcting me on the lunge and I thought “How is it that I can’t do this exercise?”

Yep, I felt stupid for not knowing how to do a lunge. How silly, right? Why should I know how to do something I’d never done before?

I was pretty tough on myself and it would eat at me, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, my point is this: Each one of us has had our FIRST workout with a trainer. Each of my clients, colleagues and mentors had a Day 1.

Our first time with a trainer may have been at different times of our lives – some were involved with sports, others for fitness and some because of injury rehabilitation, but we all had “our first time.”

Many of my clients at Her Fitness confessed that they were nervous, scared or just worried that they would stand out because they would  Not Know What They Are Doing and now, they are the women others aspire to be like.

I tell them women who come in nervous “I know exactly what you are feeling! I’ve been there, too.”

“I also had a first appointment with a trainer and it was a bit nerve racking, but I got through it!”

You want to know another time I felt nervous and even stupid?

It was freshman year in high school and I went out for the softball team because some of my friends did.

I never watched baseball, never played softball on a team. I didn’t’t know anything except how we played in the back yard.

I didn’t know where the second baseman was suppose to stand.

When the coach yelled at me to go to second, that’s where I went. Directly to the base!

In case you don’t know, you are suppose to stand about half way between first and second base….or something like that.

Again, my point is that I DIDN’T KNOW until someone taught me AND I made it through that, too. While I didn’t become a great softball player (although I was a very good base runner!) I have turned into a pretty good coach regarding fitness.

A good coach does not expect you to know how to move.

A good coach won’t yell at you or make you feel stupid.

A good environment will help you feel supported and welcomed.

good coach and environment will push you past your comfort level so you improve.

If you haven’t worked with a coach before because you thought “I’ll be embarrassed or I’ll look stupid, etc.” it’s time to put that aside so you can reach your fitness goals.

Her Fitness has a 21-Day Jump Start trial program. If you are interested, just reply back. It’s $99 and we can talk about the details and see if our program is, indeed, a good match for you or not.