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You might know about our Win of The Week board at Her Fitness.

Every week clients and I put at least 1 “Win” on the board.

A “Win” is something that we find joy or achievement in – an accomplishment, a shift in attitude, or something we did purposely to create better health for ourselves or our family.

We write  the small wins, the medium wins and the big wins.

We do it to remind ourselves of important milestones and to remember that the seemingly small things are important and necessary to a good life.

We write our Wins because human physiology is built to notice the bad stuff and the danger first and that gets exhausting.

We write our Wins to inspire others.

We write our Wins to keep ourselves inspired.

Here are some of our Wins – accomplishments, reminders, achievements from consistent effort and, I something I think is especially important, relationship building.

 .  .    

What are your wins? If you think they have to be great milestones, think again.

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