When you are thinking of skipping your workout

When my alarm went off at 4:20 a.m. this morning and my bed was cozy and warm, I thought about staying put for another half hour or so.


It’s easier, more comfortable and momentarily more satisfying to stay in bed all cozy and warm and skip my workout for the day…there’s always tomorrow;)


However, what I know from experience, that someone who does not work out regularly knows, is that amazing feeling when I am DONE moving my body.!


When you are thinking about skipping your workout (or maybe you haven’t even started a routine and would like to) remember the FEELING you have when you are done with it.


You can focus on all the other things you have to do this day and make an excuse or you can shift your mindset to “How am I going to FEEL when I am done?”


For me, that is the magic that helps me get up early and get a workout in. Do I skip sometimes? Sure. When sleep is a priority, I sleep in, but most of the time it’s that human nature thought of “do what’s easiest” that stops people from going out of their comfort zone.


I always say that people are like lightening – we take the path of least resistance. But that’s our emotion. We can’t run on pure emotion if we want something special.


Being strong, fit, feeling good about myself, reducing stress – all these things and more are how I want to feel and getting up early and getting my exercise in is how that will happen – NOT letting my current mood dictate my actions.


It’s almost always worth the effort to shift your mindset and get your exercise in for the day.


The next time you are thinking about skipping, recognize what your thoughts are telling your and SHIFT them to answer the following questions:


1. I will feel ______________ when I am DONE?

2. Will I regret exercising today?

3. How will this make my day and my life better?