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I Walked On FIRE Plus, How You Can Get What You Really Want

A couple of weekends ago, my husband, Mike, and I attended Tony Robbins (TR) Unleash The Power Within seminar….and it was amazing!

We walked on fire along with 14,000 other people (see the pics below)! It was done to prove to ourselves that we can do something despite our feelings of fear since fear is the number one emotion that holds us back from getting what we really want in life.

One thing that Tony Robbins drove home was that you can change how you feel and you can do it in an instant.

By controlling three variables YOU decide how you feel:

  1. Your physiology
  2. Your focus
  3. Your language

For example, do you feel like cr*p about your health and body image? Do use you current situation as an excuse to hide in family pictures or Not put on a bathing suit because you feel badly?

First, you start by changing your emotions and how you feel.

Here is how you would use the three variables to control your brain?

  1. Change your physiology/change your physical state: Move!…do some jumping jacks, push-ups or running in place in your kitchen or bedroom.

Get your blood really pumping!

  1. Change your focus: Seriously…are you focusing on what how badly you feel or are you focusing on what is great?

“I am grateful that my legs work.” “I am grateful that my children are healthy.” “I am grateful for …..”

Find things to be grateful for because you can’t have negative  feelings
and positive feelings at the same time.

  1. Change your language: Instead of “I’m fat and ugly and I hate my thighs.” Say “My body works, my legs are strong, my heart pumps and I don’t even have to think about it. I just got off track and I will eat healthy foods starting right now.”

Secondyou take ACTIONNever wait. Don’t try. Do something. One thing.

It might be to

  • Go for a walk
  • Clean your pantry of all processed foods
  • Begin writing your food journal
  • Eat a serving of vegetables
  • Call Her Fitness to get started (908-963-5257);)
Whatever you do, make it a daily and consistent practice.
Commit to yourself to be better today than yesterday!

This stuff takes practice, and just like taking a bathing, you must do it daily.
An athlete doesn’t win a championship game her first time on the field, she’s practiced and practiced and just like the winning athlete, you’ll need to practice training your brain and taking action so YOU are in control and so you get what you want.

Have faith and take action!

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