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Enjoy The Party Without Killing Your “Diet”!

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Do you have a party or event to attend and you’re worried you won’t have the self-control to leave the high calorie, high fat food where it belongs…on the serving tray?

Don’t worry! Here are some great tips to prevent you from eating like a horse so you don’t embarrass yourself and blow your entire plan for dropping a few pounds of fat.

One Week Before The Event

  • No cheat days. You are planning on having some extra calories on event day, so tighten up your meal plan before hand.
  • Plan a minimum of three interval-style workouts of 20 minutes each.

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During the Week of The Event

  • Four Days Before the Event, Cut out excessive sugar and sweet foods, even in so-called healthy foods like yogurt with added fruit and really high sugar fruits like watermelon.
  • Three days before the event, cut out any foods that you know you are overly sensitive or intolerant too. Many people are lactose intolerant and they eat/drink dairy anyway. Stop eating foods that don’t agree with you.
  • Two days before the party be ultra diligent about drinking the proper amount of water (proper for you = half your body weight in ounces)
  • The night before the event, go to sleep early! I can’t stress this enough! A tired person eats more food, higher calorie foods, has less control and feels hungrier.

The day of the event

(assuming it’s an evening event – adjust accordingly):

  1. Eat a complete breakfast
  2. Eat a hearty, solid lunch. (A turkey sandwich with one slice of tomato and a piece of lettuce won’t cut it.) Try a big, dark green leafy salad with lots of veg; a protein source like tuna, chicken or beef; add a healthy fat, but only a serving. Try olive oil, walnuts or avocado.
  3. Depending on how late the party is, you may need a small snack before you leave home so you are not starving when the food comes out.
  4. Visualize yourself at your goal (percentage of body fat, one dress size down, able to lift your golf clubs into the car, etc.) Really get a clear picture of yourself at that particular goal. Everything from what you are wearing, your hair style, how you feel when you reach that goal, what you will be able to do when you reach that goal. Attach all feelings and sensations to that visualization.
  5. Pray that your party host feels like you and wants her guests to eat healthy foods (this never hurts!)

When the Food Arrives

  1. Find a friend that’s in the same boat and wants to eat as clean as possible. Talk to her and focus on the conversation.
  2. Stay away from the food. If food is being passed by roaming servers, never look at the tray as it passes.
  3. Visualize yourself choosing the “good” food and really enjoying it.
  4. Eat fruit. Ask for it if it’s not an option.
  5. Eat cocktail shrimp other seafood and fish options.
  6. If you know in advance that your party or event won’t have any healthy options than eat at home. If people start to question you for not eating, you can always blame a food allergy for not eating the garbage!
  7. Eat foods without sauces, especially cream sauces.
  8. Ask for your food to come without added dressing, sauces, etc.
  9. Totally skip any bread with the meal. Save your calories for the good stuff!
  10. Sip your alcohol and drink water in between. Limit it to 2 alcoholic beverages.
  11. Have the dessert if you want. Savor it. Enjoy it. Don’t scarf it down without a thought.
  12. Love yourself. When you love and accept yourself and follow all of the other tips, you won’t need to eat the junk that is put in front of you at many parties and events.

Have fun at your party or event and remember the real reason you are there – to enjoy people, to celebrate, to network or to learn something.

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