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Daughters Who Don’t Want To Play A Sport

First off, I hope you had a great weekend!

Our weekend (starting with the Flat(ter) Belly Workshop on Thursday night) was a whirlwind of the good sorts! Lot’s going on work-wise and fun-wise.

It ended yesterday evening with Girls On The Run (GOTR) 5k through Flemington. Her Fitness hosted a table with Get Stronger – Run Longer temporary tattoos (you would have thought I was giving away ice cream at that tent!), we did the warm-up and then we ran!

For those who don’t know what GOTR is, it’s an after school enrichment program for young girls that teaches self-respect and healthy lifestyle through interactive lessons and running. Some of the girls run, some run-walk and some walk – it doesn’t matter as long as they move forward.

It’s inspiring to see the many girls cross the line, either in practice or at the race, with big smiles on their faces, proud of their accomplishments.

We know they can do, but they don’t always know that!

I’m sure you’ve felt that way at some point in your life, too – unsure if you could accomplish a goal you’ve set out to reach.

Do you remember when you finally achieved it? Do you remember how you felt. I bet you do!

Not all of the girls that participate in GOTR are in a sport.

My daughter is one of them.  Audrey likes to be play, run, scooter, bike, but she has NO interest in a team sport.

Do you have a daughter who wants to be active, but for one reason or another doesn’t play a sport?

After meeting so many girls at the race who do GOTR but don’t participate in sport, I think there is a need for something different.

I wonder if we need something for girls who don’t feel particularly athletic, but still want to move and have fun, be accepted, learn to work with others and to break a sweat!

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