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Core And Cardio…What’s The Best Way To Get Flatter Abs

What’s the best way to get flatter abs?

Change what you are eating.

That is the best way.

I could end this message right now and that would answer the question.

Because your diet – what you are eating day in and day out – has the greatest impact on you getting flatter abs, a smaller belly, losing the muffin top, losing the belly pooch, getting rid of of the flab around your belly – however you like to say it :)

BUT, of course, there is more…

You do have to get those deep core muscles stronger and, let me tell you, that endless crunches are NOT the way.

For women specifically, especially after having babies and/or sitting at a desk all day, your deep abdominal muscles, particularly your transverse abdominis and internal obliques, need to be RE-EDUCATED.

Yes, you read correctly, your muscles need re-education so they learn to activate WHEN they should, with HOW MUCH TENSION and in the PROPER SEQUENCE.

One basic exercise we coach at Her Fitness is How to Breath properly.

You might be surprised to learn that most women breath improperly and this leads to a weak, soft core.

Start by breathing in and out through your nose, inhale without lifting your shoulders – breathe low and try to expand your waist out to the sides. Fully exhale until you feel tension in your abdominals. It’s harder than you think!

That is a very quick explanation of breathing to get stronger, but it is a good start.

I’ll be opening up Tuesday/Thursday morning Core & Cardio personal training (in a group) which starts on March 13. I’m offering this 8-Week Session at a special rate.

We will be doing exercises to burn body fat and specifically target your core.

If you are interested in getting more information check it out here https://herfitnessnj.comcore-cardio-specific-training/  and let me know you are interested.

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