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Can Cardio Keep You Fat?

Traci didn’t do long, slow cardio to achieve these results ;)

In my upcoming talk on Thursday, February 15 entitled Weight loss Lies and Myths, I’m going to talk about how cardio might be preventing you from losing body fat.

Cardio exercise definitely has it’s place in working out, getting healthy, fit and strong, in fact, doing the right cardio can actually improve your power and strength.

By the way, did you know that power is the first component of fitness to go? And, you don’t want to lose power as you age…it’s power that that enables an old person to get themselves off the toilet!

Okay… back to cardio….many women are still doing only cardio for their exercise, and it is good for your heart, but there other, more effective and efficient  ways to lose body fat (in addition to eating well) than doing long bouts of cardio.

Let me know if you can make the Weight Loss Lies and Myths talk next Thursday at 11:00 a.m.  – register here:

Also, bring an item for the Flemington Food Pantry (we are collecting feminine hygiene products).

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