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Are you breathing wrong?

According to Dr. Evan Osar, author and founder of Fitness Education Seminars “Respiration is the single most important function of the neuromusculofascial system. While dysfunction of the diaphragm in postural stabilization has been noted in several studies, poor respiratory habits have also been linked to global issues including anxiety, hypertension [high blood pressure], headaches, irritable bowel disease, and dizziness.”

In other words, if you aren’t breathing properly, you are setting yourself up for not only pain in your joints, such as shoulders, hips/back and knees, you are also negatively impacting your overall health!

What you may not realize is that improper breathing patterns you have now may not be recognizable until much later.

I’m a perfect example. Shoulder pain has side-lined me (not completely, but enough so that I don’t always do the things I want to do) for almost a year now.

First, I just rested my shoulder and avoided all pushing motions, then I did certain “corrective” exercises.  Next, I got deep tissue massage. Then physical therapy combined with deep tissue (Graston) work. Now, I am incorporating specific breathing techniques along with avoidance of certain activity and soon back to deep tissue/manual therapy work.

Since adding in the specific breathing techniques my shoulder feels better, my hips and back feel less “tight” and I feel better overall.

If you’ve been stuck and haven’t progressed in your fitness program, take  a few minutes to watch Dr. Evan Osar and learn how to Three Dimensional Breath. This is a daily exercise to improve your overall health and fitness.



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