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5 things you have control over that will help you live a healthier life

Women have more control over their short-term and long term health than they are led to believe.

We see so many sick people, out of shape people, and people on one or more prescription drugs. We see elderly people getting old and going to a nursing home as they sadly fade away.

It’s rather sad, but you can defy much of that scenario, and if genetics has dealt you a raw deal, you can still have a better outcome, but you have to start giving up some unhealthy habits and incorporating new habits.

Here are a few things you can start with to protect your short and long term well-being and health:

1. Move your body every day, including resistance training a minimum of twice a week (ideally 3x).

In addition to the resistance training, include walking, mobility exercises, some interval training

2. Sleep

There’s no way of getting out of this one. You absolutely must have enough sleep for long term cognitive health, heart health, weight control, motivation and to be able to contribute to this world all that you are meant to.

3. Hydrate with water, cut out alcohol

Yeah, I know, not a popular opinion here, but alcohol is doing damage to your brain and increases your risk of certain cancers like, breast, esophageal, liver and colorectal.

In the book “The Bodies Many Cries For Water” the author suggests that most diseases are ultimately a result of chronic dehydration, but you don’t need to read the book to know that you don’t feel well when you are dehydrated – headache, irritable, constipated, fatigued, just to name a few.……

4. Cut out inflammatory seed/industrial oils – it is thought that these oils cause a great deal of inflammation in the body.

These oils also happen to be in junk food – chips, cookies, crackers, cereals, salad dressings – which are low quality foods.

5. Nourish the relationships in your life –

It’s not only food that nourishes us, but other people. You’ve probably heard the reports about married people living longer and  people who laugh often have a better quality of life.

Here’s a article on that topic: Longevity article

This is short list of things that you have control over and can change tomorrow if you want.

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