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10 Things You Can Do To Start Taking Care of Yourself Today

If you are like many women, you’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else that you let your own physical fitness and health take a back seat.


With so much information out there, it can be hard to know what to do first to begin the journey of getting back to feeling good.


Here are 10 ideas…just ideas, not rules....that will move you one step closer to healthy, fit and strong so you can look great and feel great from the inside out!


  1. Call an old friend. Relationships are critical to good health and we often put them to wayside as life begins to take over. You have to make it a point to stay in touch with friends and you’ll be happier, and thus healthier, for it.



2. Go for a walk. Casual or fast paced. It’s up to you.


3. Put your phone/ipad down!!! Be present, be with your family…even if you are silent and have nothing to say. When we are doing “screen time” we are 1. Demonstrating to our children what is important 2. Letting in blue light (this matters when it’s evening and our body should be going into shut down mode but looking at screens tells our body it’s still daytime) 3. Reading other people’s highlights only and it can bring you down.


4. Start a stretching routine. If the thought of “hard core exercise”  ;) scares you, start with daily stretching. Piggyback your stretching with something you already do. For instance, every morning when you hit “brew coffee” do some light stretching.


5. Drink 1-2 cups extra of water. If you aren’t drinking any water, start with one big glass immediately upon waking. If you want to take it just one more step, throw a slice of lemon in there!



6. Hire a persona trainer to hold you accountable. Okay, I am biased here, but I believe in coaching. I hire coaches all the time to help me reach goals. When I feel overwhelmed with how to move forward, they always tell me “do one thing that moves you forward” hence this article today!


7. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier. Work your way towards 10 p.m. because that is when human growth hormone and testosterone begin to climb (recovery!) and cortisol (stress and wakefulness) begins to lower.


8. Take regular breaks from your computer. If you have a FitBit, set it so that it reminds you to move.


9. Go outside every day…even if you just sit there. Get some sun on a regular basis. We need sunlight for good health.


10. Commit to replacing Diet Anything with something else.  “Diet” equates to artificial sweeteners which has been linked to cancer, neurological problems and weight gain.

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