10 minute busy mom work-out

The response about my 13 minute workout was great so I’ll post more quick fat burning work-outs that a busy mom can do!
So, yes, here is another short workout. This time I only had about 10 minutes! I did neuromuscular activationexercises up to get my glutes and hamstrings fired up- 2 minutes. Joggedfor 4 minutes at 6.2 mph (1% incline). Sprinted 20 seconds on : 10 seconds off at 9.7 – 11 mph for the next 4 minutes.
I didn’t break any records here, but I bet some of you think that was pretty fast:)
woman running on treadmill
These quick bursts of cardio activity burn tons of calories (perhaps not a ton right then and there, but your body gets revved up for the next 24-36 hours) and they are fun to do because they are done so quickly! I offset these types of work outs with weight lifting activities to build muscle so my body can burn more calories even at rest. In fact, on Mother’s Day I was fortunate enough to spend one entire hour exercising. That doesn’t mean non-stop activity. It just means I took longer rests, did more exercises, enjoyed my work out for my work out.
Now it’s your turn! Get out there and go..or stay inside and use your stairs (that’s what I did when Audrey was an infant).
In good health,