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You might not be eating enough

Are you eating like a bird and still not losing weight?

That “dieting” trick you used when you were 25 doesn’t work any more.

I had a client who did a 6 week Transformation Challenge with me a few years ago.

She transformed her body after she began to eat MORE.

Along with 3x/week training sessions at Her Fitness, she increased her food – of course the good stuff, like protein and vegetables – and she leaned out and got more defined or “toned”.

Another client was eating “like a bird”. She had at least 50 pounds of fat to lose so she began cutting back on her portions.

This strategy worked for a while and then her progress plateaued.

She couldn’t understand why her body just stopped progressing because she was eating less and exercising.

Michelle had set herself up for survival, but not fat loss.

She was expending a lot of energy in her training sessions, but she wasn’t giving her body enough fuel to change…only to survive.

Once Michelle started eating more of the foods I recommend, she started to lose weight again.

If it’s fat loss (or muscle gain) you want…you might need to eat MORE food.

Yeah, I know this goes completely against what I said last week about eating too much food and your portions being too big, but, hey, everyone is different and has different challenges. 

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