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Effective Core Exercise_Bear Hold

Check out this video of a very effective core exercise.


It’s call Bear Hold.


It’s deceiving because it looks easy and you think “that doesn’t look so hard” but then Wham!…your abs are quivering!


Be careful to follow the queues in video, otherwise you might feel it in your quads or not feel anything at all.


  • Your coccyx (tailbone) needs to tuck under and STAY tucked. Women commonly come out of this position when fatigue hits which might be at the 6 second mark!
  • Head down
  • Glide forward and then
  • Lift up. Do NOT pull thighs to the chest – you will surely feel your thighs more than abs.
  • Hold for 5-20 seconds. When I first started doing these I could only hold form for 5 seconds. Do 3-5 times.




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