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Did Your Diet Plan Fail You?

Last week at a meeting I attended, a health coach was delivering a talk about her program and she said The program doesn’t fail you. You fail the program.”

At the time, I thought it was kind of a weird thing to say. But then, I forgot about it until….

Until, someone at the same meeting recently approached me and let me know that that short line was basically the ONLY thing she remembered about the talk.

That one little line made her feel terrible and I don’t blame her for feeling that way.

After a woman has made many attempts to manage her weight, only to “fail”, that last thing she needs to hear from a health coach is  “You failed the program.”

So why did this health coach feel the need to tell us that “You fail the program.”?

She was trying to tell us that her plan works (I’m sure it does) if you follow it and “it’s not my fault if you don’t follow it and end up not losing any weight.”

And, she is right….sort of.  Stay with me here.

It won’t be her “fault” if you don’t follow the program, after all, you are ultimately responsible for what you put in your mouth. HOWEVER, for many of us, food is not just for sustaining life. Food means so much more to us than just energy to fuel our bodies.

AND, I’ve met many women whose hormones or gut flora are so out of whack, that simply following a program doesn’t work permanently. (I’ve also met many women who are NOT eating the right foods, in the proper amounts or at the right times).

So, some women have some things working against them: food being used satisfy our feelings or cravings and whacky hormones/gut bacteria (which could be tied together or not tied together).

I don’t have all the answers for those who’ve tried wholesome, clean eating for extended periods of time and haven’t seen any results, but my advice is to NOT give up.

There is a specialist, a doctor, a nutritionist ….someone who can help you, if you want the help.

Just don’t give up. And (some tough love here)…don’t make excuses, either. You know that eating pizza, donuts and bagels nearly everyday won’t help you lose excess body fat.

In the meantime, until you find that medical doc or specialist in nutrition who can help you, surround yourself with people who have a positive influence, support you in your efforts and definitely exercise regularly, including lifting weights.  (I’m sure that’s no surprise that a personal trainer would recommend you exercise!).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply back.


In good health,


2017 Business Woman of the Year~BW NICE

p.s. If you want my help getting healthy, fit and strong reply back.

p.p.s. Check out this 3-Exercise Circuit for Busy Moms that I posted on Facebook!

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