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Can you give up cheese and wine?

The most successful clients at Flemington Boot Camps are those who come in and say “I want X. I know this is my starting point. How do I get to X and that’s what I will do?”

Some people come in and say “I can’t [give up cheese, stop drinking wine, get to bed by 10:00 p.m., drink that much water, eat at home…]”

Then I say and ask three things: 1. Of course you can.  2. Why not?  3. Than you don’t want your goal as badly as you say you do.

The words “I can’t”  are those of someone who doesn’t know their possibilities. They are words of someone who is giving up before they even start. They are words of someone with a fixed mindset.

Learn the difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset.


A person without legs “can’t” walk without assistive devices. I’m pretty sure you can go 30 days, and even the rest of your life, without cheese and wine if you had a gun to your head or even if you just wanted to.


How To Change The Words In Your Head:


  1. Hang around people who know all things are possible
  2. Read about people who’ve done what you want to do
  3. Know that failure is temporary and it’s a learning tool
  4. Read the book “Growth Mindset” by Carol Dweck
  5. Say “I can. I will.”


Kristen said “I can!” KristenS B&A Oct 201



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