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5 Reasons You’re NOT Getting Results



Have you ever wondered why your body shape stays the same even though you feel like you’re  busting your butt at the gym?


You might like to blame your age and hormones (not totally unreasonable) or a “slow metabolism” due to your family genes, but more than likely it’s one of the following reasons and not necessarily in order of importance.


#1. Your using machines – leg press, leg extension . Oh, and, of course, ladies love the inner/outer thigh machine as if you can magically remove fat from your thighs by super-squeezing  Suzanne Summers style!


Sorry, but those machines in the gym just don’t cut it. They might be okay (and still not great) if you are a body builder. You need to burn a lot of calories and keep your “after-burn” elevated. With total body workouts using body weight, dumbbells, bars and bands you are using your body the way it was meant to function –as a whole unit. You burn more calories now and, more importantly, for the next 24-36 hours!


#2. Your nutrition is off. Yep, this is probably the biggest factor. Even though I am an exercise professional, I admit that your diet (rather, the way you eat) is 80% of the equation You can’t out exercise a poor diet.


#3. See number 2. That is how important your diet is. What you eat, the portion and proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fat and the timing of what you eat all matters!


#4. You are not working out hard enough. A nice, long walk sounds great…and it is…for your mental health, but studies are showing that  intense exercise has more benefit for your heart, fitness level and absolutely for burning fat and changing the shape of your body (so you are less flabby, more toned). At Flemington Boot Camps, our clients have to “Earn The Burn!” by working really hard for their ability and fitness level.


#5. Lifestyle choices and stress. Going to bed after 10 p.m. most nights of the week, getting less than 7-8 hours sleep more than 5 nights per week, drinking wine and alcohol more than one night per week, skipping meals, eating like a bird, ingesting chemicals through beauty and self care products (like body lotions, tanning lotions, make-up, hair dyes/treatments) will all hold you back from reaching your best, most healthy body.


If you need a little help getting motivated to exercise regularly with greater intensity, figuring out what foods are supportive and not supportive to a lean, healthy body and your are ready to start taking care of yourself again, than call me. I’m here for you because helping busy women change the shape of their bodies, once and for all so they look great and feel awesome is my passion!


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