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10 Ways NOT to gain the Holiday 10


What happens between Thanksgiving and New Years that throws people way off kilter?


Sure there are a few parties and neighborly gatherings with more sugar and alcohol, but it doesn’t have to be a 10# weight gain holiday season.


Don’t let the five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years ruin what you’ve worked toward.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to tell you to skip your mother’s famous cookies, but practice some self-control, set yourself up for success and don’t fret if you gain a few pounds.
Here are some ways to help you stay fitting into your jeans and dresses for the next few weeks (after that it’s game on!).




  1. A drink OR dessert, not both. Make it a rule and stick to it.
  2. When it comes to party foods – eat what you really love, not the stuff that’s just “okay”.
  3. Every other part of the day that you are not at a party isn’t a party – stop acting like those junky store-bought sugar cookies are something special.
  4. Eat your regular breakfast, lunch and dinner. Protein, vegetables, fruit.
  5. Take your supplements like you always do….don’t forget those digestive enzymes!
  6. Drink lemon water for its detoxifying benefits.
  7. Go to bed at the same time (on the nights you aren’t doing something special).
  8. Get your workouts in. Do NOT skip. Oh, you don’t have somewhere to go for that? I have the perfect solution;) Call me!
  9. When eating out, keep it as clean as possible. Remember restaurant food is higher in fat, sodium and sugar so stick with fish, seafood or chicken dishes that are grilled and broiled without sauces and skip the pasta! Restaurant food is always available so a Wednesday night after work gathering shouldn’t be considered a special event (in my opinion).
  10. Don’t worry about the 3 pounds you gain. I won’t;)


We also had our annual Client Appreciation Christmas Party. Everyone had a great time! It’s so good to spend time outside of the gym and feel connected and that’s why her fitness is such a special place!



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