Obessed with your fat?

Stop Obsessing About Your Fat!

This may sound counter intuitive – a fat loss expert for busy moms telling you to stop obsessing about fat!But, really, how much time do you spend each day consumed in thought about the way you look? I used to spend an inordinate amount of time and energy thinking that my thighs were too fat and that my butt looked too big in my favorite pair of jeans.  What a waste of time! There are so many more important things in my life that deserve my time, attention and energy. Now, I may think about these things, but I don’t dwell on the topic because I have a plan, I work the plan and I trust that it will work. And my favorite pair of jeans will let me know if the plan isn’t working!

Create A Plan & Work It!

First be realistic. Get an evaluation, assessment or go by what your clothes tell you and how you feel. If you can’t zip/button your jeans or if the front of your blouse is popping open then maybe you do need to lose some fat. If you feel tired, foggy brained, constipated, weak, anxious, depressed, stressed or otherwise unhealthy than, again, you may need to lose some fat weight and change your eating and other health habits. If you are of a healthy weight, BMI, waist-to-hip ratio and body fat percent, than you really have to spend your brain energy on something more productive!

Second, do something about it. This is where you Create A Plan & Work It! Does your plan involve getting some outside help and support from a fitness professional? Do you belong to a gym and never go or only go once in a while to just do random leg extensions and lat pull downs? Do you know what you are going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you even eat breakfast? What about drinking enough water? How much sleep are you getting? When you’re driving your kids all day/evening long to their activities do you know what you’ll be eating for snacks or even if you’ll be having dinner? These are just some things you need to plan for.

Third, give your best effort. Just work the plan! Now that boot camp is on your schedule for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 a.m. (shameless plug!) you must go and do the work. You’ve planned your breakfast for the next five days and that’s what you eat. You’ve made a commitment to get off the computer or stop watching television by 9:00 p.m. and that’s what you do!

Have Confidence – Set It & Forget It!

Have confidence that what you are doing is working. When your clothes start fitting better (or, if appropriate for you ,they fit the same) than you know that you’re on the right track. You are doing what you are suppose to be doing. You don’t have to do more. You can stop obsessing about your fat!

How many hours a day and mental anguish did I just save you? 🙂 I hope a lot! The main thing is that you are active, eating healthy and doing other healthy things for your body and mind so you maintain a healthy body composition (fat:lean tissue ratio), your body feels good and your mind is happy!

Here are your ACTION Steps:

1. Take a deep look inside and be realistic. Do you really have too much body fat or are you being extra hard on yourself?

2. If you are of unhealthy weight, take some time to create a plan of action. Make a list of actions you can take today to make yourself healthier and leaner. For instance, I will exercise on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:00 a.m. and I am going to hire a personal trainer to help me.

3. Stick with your plan.

4. Set it & Forget it.  Well, maybe your not a crock-pot or chicken rotisserie, but be happy with the plan of action you’ve set forth and the action you are taking and know that what you are doing is going to give you the desired results. Now you can stop looking in the mirror  telling yourself how ugly your thighs, butt, or arms are.  Instead, look in the mirror, stand tall and confidently tell yourself how smart you are for taking the needed action steps to become healthy and lean!