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The Celebration Is Over…Now What?

I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday!

I hope you enjoyed foods that you are special and that you don’t get a chance to eat at any other time of the year.

I hope you know how blessed you are.

The day after a holiday often marks a “Day 1” for women to start eating well, start exercising, start taking care of themselves.

“I’ll start on Monday. After the holiday.”

I know, I’ve done it, too!

So if today is your Day 1, I want you to know that you CAN do this. 

You can take better care of yourself.

You can eat more whole foods.

You can drink more water, get more rest, exercise, etc.

BUT…you don’t have to do it ALL today.

You’ve got a lot on your plate, right?

So, what are the chances that you will successfully incorporate multiple habit changes today that will stick through until next year?


Some habits take time to build. Be okay with that idea.

So, if today is your Day 1,  pick ONE thing to do and keep doing THAT ONE THING!

Maybe it’s adding  2 leafy greens to your diet because you need more energy – you’d be in luck because tomorrow I have a Green Detox Smoothie recipe for you:)

Maybe it’s to exercise for 45 minutes 3 times per week. – in that case, give me a call – we need to talk!

Maybe it is “go to bed 15 minutes earlier every night this week.”

Whatever you decide…stick with it!

Make your day after Easter a great Day 1 and remember, if at anytime you realize thataccountability is what you need, just reply back and let me know you are ready to talk about getting started at Her Fitness. We specialize in helping women 40 and over get back (or get started) in to exercise!

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