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Tips for Turkey Day



Tomorrow is the biggest “Cheat Day” of the year so there’s no way I’m going to tell you not to enjoy your traditional family favorite foods that you’ve grown up with.  Food nourishes our bodies and it also nourishes our soles when we enjoy it with loved ones.


What I will tell you is to get your workout in!


Do NOT skip your workout tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll be eating excess sugar and starchy carbohydrates and working out – hard intervals – is the best way for your body to use these carbs.


Now, you can’t out exercise a poor diet. I’ve always made that clear. Poor quality foods, high sugar and processed foods will keep you fat – no matter how much you exercise.


We’re talking about timing and consistency. If you are consistently exercising – building muscle or burning fat- and eating clean for 90% of the time, you will see the toned, sculpted, and the flab-be-gone body you desire.


Science actually tells us that we get better fat loss results with a higher calorie intake day and recovery days. They’re just not on the SAME day!


So, at least once a week you should be taking a day off from the heavy or intense workouts and doing things like foam rolling, correctives only, walking outside, gentle yoga, tai chi or something of that nature. This day should also include spot on diet (food intake).


A day like tomorrow, when you know you are going to be indulging in sweets and starches is definitely a workout day. You don’t want those sugars spilling over and going into “storage”, i.e. fat cells on your belly and thighs, do you?


Instead, workout and workout hard so your muscles can use those extra sugary carbs for energy and recovery.


I know it’s a busy day, especially if you have to cook. Don’t make that a reason (i.e. EXCUSE) not to exercise. Get up 30 minutes early, have your workout clothes by the bedside and you’ll be ready to go in the morning.


Here’s all you need to do:


  1. 20 Reverse Lunges (each leg)
  2. 10 Push-Ups
  3. 50 Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope
  4. 20 Squats

Repeat as fast as you can, getting in as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.


Take the other 15 minutes (you got up 30 minutes early, remember?) and use that time for warm-up and cool-down. Include some breath work to help reduce the up-coming stress if you’re a hostess!


Happy Thanksgiving and p.s. drink plenty of water tomorrow and get to bed early tonight!





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