The 80-20 Rule to Successful Weight Loss

This is gonna be quick…my power cord is shot and I don’t have much battery left, but I want to make sure you get something you can use before the weekend officially arrives.

Use the 80-20 rule with your nutrition to permanently change your lifestyle.

Yep, the 80-20 is a Life Rule, not just business.



80% of your food should be wholesome and “clean” (lean protein, produce, some healthy fats).

Make a chart for the week. Days across the top, meals on the left hand bar. For every meal you eat place a check if it was clean and lean. For every splurge or “cheat” put a zero (0).

If 80% of the total number of times you ate during the week was a Check Mark…you’re well on your way to having a successful nutritional lifestyle!