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Are you committed like you think you are?

My coach recently sent an e-mail that made me think about how I perceive the word commitment.

I praise my clients for continually showing up on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays! Whether they show up “Live” or do the “on demand” sessions, they are getting their training sessions in on a regular basis….that’s commitment to training!

BUT, what if you are NOT committed to exercise (or to a great relationship or to financial freedom, etc.?)

Well, then, you are still committed to something, but it’s not what you think.

If you’re committed to exercising, you show up, even when there’s a hiccup (like a shut down of your favorite gym.)

If you’re not committed to exercise, you ARE COMMITTED to NOT exercising and NOT getting stronger and NOT having health through fitness.

Let’s take some examples.

  • You are committed to eating healthy food and supporting your body OR
  • You are committed to eating UNhealthy food and breaking down your body faster than normal aging
  • You are committed to getting enough sleep and recovering OR
  • You are committed to being tired and run-down
  • You are committed to growing your mindset OR
  • You are committed to staying fixed and right where you are

When you say the second sentence, it resonates a lot differently, doesn’t it?

I thought to myself “whoa, by making X choice, I really AM committed to lack of improvement!”

Needless to say, I was uncomfortable with some of my commitments!

Where in your life are you committed to something that moves you closer to your goals?

Where in your life are you committed to something that provides you with lack?

When you examine the different areas of your life, I bet you react the same way I did!

This isn’t to say you don’t have other important priorities, but it is saying that you have 100% control of your choices and decisions and you are 100% responsible for making the choices that you do.

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