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Do you have chocholate and candy calling your name?

Do you still have left over candy in the house?chocolate easter bunnies Your kids got Easter baskets filled with yummy treats and maybe you bought a little extra “for the house.” Jelly Beans

Every time you walk by that bowl of M&M’s, jelly beans or whatever little snack, you just take a small handful. After all, one or two won’t really make a difference. Right?

One or two small candies probably won’t make a  difference, but when it’s a handful here, a handful there, it all adds up and when you are wondering why the scale won’t budge and your jeans are still a little snug, this could be your answer.

Nell Stephenson, co-author of The Paleo Diet Cookbook, recommends that when you have a sweet tooth, instead of giving in to that desire, go for a fat and protein snack like avocado wrapped in turkey, to kill the need for sugar. I think this is a great idea, especially when I want chocolate, eating something with a healthy fat really curbs the “calling.”

Action Steps:

If your chocolate or candy is still sitting in bowls and dishes around the house, remove them! Why tempt yourself? It’s just not worth it.

1.)Toss them. You won’t miss them.

If you bought very special candies and don’t have the strength to place it in the garbage then

 1.) Give it away

2.) Put it in the freezer – the back of the freezer hidden behind the meat

3.) Put it in a paper bag in the back of the refrigerator

4.) Find another spot to hide it so it’s out-of-sight-out-of-mind.

The best strategy is to toss it, though. When you catch yourself nibbling, stop yourself by saying “No, No, No” and take it directly to the garbage pail – outside- and dump it.

You will feel a sense of relief and free yourself from the candy that haunts you!

Good Luck!

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