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Olivia Kapigian

“In early May, my friend introduced me to Boot Camp.  She had just signed up for a three-month membership near her home and told me to look into it.   She knew I was not happy with the way that I looked and told me it is the best way to lose weight and stay healthy.   Just the word Boot Camp sounded intimidating to me.  When I thought of boot camp, I pictured intense workouts that would be too hard for me to do.   However, I thought it was time for a change, because I was just so sick and tired of feeling ugly and critiquing everything on my body that needed improvement.  The lifestyle that I lived before meeting Marie was not a healthy one.  I was either eating whatever I wanted, skipping meals, spending hours at the gym, or not going to the gym at all; most importantly, I was never happy.

Walking into boot camp I didn’t know what to expect and I was nervous of making a fool out of myself.  Luckily, Marie was very welcoming and the woman that go there are very kind and accepting; it is a complete judgment free zone.  Before each class, Marie would go over each workout routine that we have to do and would modify it for us, making it more challenging if necessary.  This made me feel more at ease, because now I know my strength and what I have to do to challenge myself to become stronger.  I walked in with a mind set of losing 10 pounds and a month and a half later I am feeling stronger, toner, and more beautiful than ever.

I am so thankful for Marie because she truly cares about each and every person in her class.   She takes the time out of her day to sit and listen to what I have to say.  She always takes an interest in every conversation, whether we are going over meal plans, exercises, or talking about a trip into the city.  I feel like I can talk to her about anything.  She believes in us and pushes us to do better, something I couldn’t have done without her help.  She definitely inspires and motivates me to do better and I’m so happy to be able to call her my coach and my friend!

Thank you Marie for all that you do.  You are the best!”

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