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Karen Erenberg

“I always considered myself a fit person so when my friend invited me to participate in Marie’s 6 week back to school body transformation contest I thought why not, it will be fun.

The boot camp it great. It is fast paced and before you know it you are done and you feel great. Marie tailors the exercises to meet every bodies fitness levels. You start seeing results in no time. In just a few weeks my husband said “hey yours arms aren’t as jiggly any more.” It seems like a little thing but I can’t tell youhow great that made me feel!
I know I don’t have good eating habits, but even the smallest changes make a big difference and Marie is great about talking you through all your food issues and helping you make changes that work for you.
At the end of 6 weeks I had lost almost 10% of my body fat and increased my lean mass by almost 3%.  It was amazing how quickly I saw results. The best part was the results were over my ENTIRE body. That is what is great about boot camp.
I work, have a family and go to school. It is important to find the time for yourself. It is easy to make excuses, we all have them. Every day before I go and work out, I am trying to talk myself out of it the entire time, but I don’t, and I go, and boy am I happy I do.
The ladies that go to Flemington Boot Camps are friendly, welcoming and supportive. That makes it so much easier to get yourself there each day. I would highly recommend this program to anybody looking to improve how they look and feel. You won’t regret your decision.”
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