Linda Suttmeier

“I had been seeing a 5 lb. weight gain every several years and I was currently battling the next 5 lb. gain. I was often tired and lethargic and was unhappy with belly “flab” and some health issues! I finally decided that I needed to do things differently. I had been seeing a friend’s posts on Facebook about Flemington Boot Camp and was intrigued. I contacted Marie, met with her and signed up for 3 months, 3 days per week. Soon after, I also started the 21-Detox diet program, figuring I should just jump in with both feet!

I won’t lie – every session at FBC is hard – but worth it. Marie is always encouraging in a positive way and everyone works at their own level, pushing themselves to get fitter and stronger and the camaraderie is amazing!

The 21-day detox opened my eyes to reading food labels and helped me make many changes in my food choices. In just about 1 1/2 months, through the combination of FBC and the detox, I have lost 10 pounds and 6″ overall (which is very obvious in my belly “flab” area!),  and have seen improvements in my body fat percentage, my BMI and my high blood pressure.

I look forward to continuing with Marie and Flemington Boot Camp past my original 3 month commitment, and following many of the dietary changes I’ve made through the 21-day detox. I also look forward to the  continued change in my own body and health and would recommend it to anyone who is ready to make changes for the better.”