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Strong CoreBeyond the Plank

More Than Just Your Abs – More Thank Just Planks


Friday, April 12


$49 non-clients

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Did you know that you might be able to hold a plank for 5 minutes…and using all the wrong muscles?


Did you know that abdominal, pelvic, back and chest surgeries impact how your core functions (and not in a good way?)


Do you feel like your core is weak no matter what you do or how many planks you do?


Do you feel like running is a major chore and your legs are heavy?


Did you know that a core that isn’t functioning optimally will cause you to continually grip your buttock or pelvic floor muscles?


You are going to learn about:

-How posture impacts the functionality of your core

-Exercises to improve the posture and functionality of your core

-How to release those muscles that are over-working and constantly gripping

-How inefficient breathing patterns are contributing to your “weak core” and how to fix that.


Snacks provide, please bring a mat.