Beth Langa

“When a friend of mine asked me to join the Flemington Boot Camp, my initial reaction was “no way”.  I had never really exercised before and I knew that I did not want to exercise in a group.  The term “Boot Camp” to me, made me think of a drill sergeant forcing me to do push ups until I was near death. I did not have a lot of interest in that but I also knew that it was time for me to start taking care of myself. My youngest child had started going to school full time and I had run out of excuses to not exercise.  I was also getting sick of my clothes filling a bit tightly and I wanted to start living a healthy lifestyle and feeling better about myself.

My friend had given me a card from Flemington Boot Camp for a free trial week of classes.  She was telling me how much she liked it and I realized that I had nothing to lose by going to the class and trying it for myself.  I have a full gym in my basement but I never seem to go down there, not matter how much time I have.  I thought perhaps a “class” that I was committed to going to would help motivate me.  I decided to try the class.

When I arrived a few minutes early to Flemington Boot Camp,  I was greeted my Marie Ande.  I told her my concerns about “Boot Camp” and she was very understanding. She showed me some of the exercises that we would be working on and immediately made me feel comfortable.  What I didn’t realize is that Marie modifies each exercise to your fitness ability and also to your body, if you have an injury.  There were many times when each of us is doing a different “level” of the same exercise.  The women in the group were all very nice and encouraging.  I really enjoyed my first week and decided to continue with my classes.

Since I have been a client at  Flemington Boot Camps, I have gone down two sizes in clothes and I am actually fitting into a pair of pants that haven’t fit since before my three children were born.  I am stronger and I have definitely noticed a loss of overall body fat.  Marie also helps to guide us in our food choices and continues to encourage us to eat healthy food. I rarely miss a class because I have committed that day and time to doing something positive for myself.

I feel like the Flemington Boot Camps has changed my life tremendously.  I am feeling confident and happy.  Marie pushes us just enough to always get the most out of the class.  She is encouraging and inspires us to always be kind to ourselves, no matter what shape and size we are.  I am so happy that I tried the class!  I would encourage everyone to just try it and see for themselves.

Thank you, Marie Ande, for being so good at what you do!!”