Amy Hache

“I started boot camp with Marie two months ago and I have to say, it’s by far the best decision I’ve ever made.  For many years, I paid my gym membership, which was a complete waste of money because I never went. What Flemington Boot Camps has provided me with is structure!  Imagine having an expert at your disposal, one who ensures you’re exercising properly and at the same time ensuring a healthy total body workout.  Marie guarantees results (assuming you’re eating properly) and she delivers on that promise.  My clothes fit better and better yet, my pants are too big!!!  The group of girls in class and I have formed a camaraderie that’s motivating and challenging.  Don’t be intimidated by this class as I was on the first day and I promise, you’ll be welcomed by everyone.  It will change your life without a doubt!

p.s. Update:  I’ve lost two dress sizes in 12 weeks and still going!