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This Video Is For Women Who Want To Transform Their Bodies, Start Taking Care of Themselves, Fit Into Clothes They Already Own, Have More Energy and LOOK GREAT  In The Next 28-Days…





(See FAQ at bottom of page. Email or Call me if you have any other questions)


Join Us for the Her Fitness

Back-to-School Transformation Program


I’m not tech savvy and this obviously isn’t some pretty sales page designed by an graphics person or IT guy. This page is here, and I’m here, to give you some details about our up-coming 28-Day program and to give you hope and, if you take action, to help you change your life.

So, now you know I’m not good at the tech stuff, but what I am really good at is helping women-regular, every day type of women (not models, not fitness models, not ninja warriors or even body builders)  – reach what they see themselves as being – that image in their head.

That image in their head probably is similar to your own image and my image:

  • You want to look good (and sometimes you want to look a bit or a lot sexy!)
  • You want to have energy so you can be attentive to your kids, your husband, co-workers, etc. You want to be able to have enough energy to be present and feel happy:)
  • You want to feel CONFIDENT. Confident in your bodies ability to do things AND confident in the way you look so the first thing people notice is your smiling face…not how much weight you’ve gained.
  • You can see yourself going into the store and buying something straight off the rack (or put those clothes on that have been hiding in your closet!)
  • You see yourself running around with the kids.
  • You see yourself being creative and focused at work.
  • You see yourself SMILING!

If you know this is you, APPLY HERE:


If you need some proof…here are some amazing Success Stories. 

Now…Most of these pictures are from our 6 week trials, not 4 weeks for which this special Back To School Transformation Program is, but hey, you can follow the plan for an extra two weeks!





*8 weeks


“Now It’s Your Turn!”

Apply Here:


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What do I get?

This is the most common question.

Basically, women want to know what they get for their registration fee.

  • Workout with Her Fitness for 4 weeks (3x per week or 5x per week) which includes program design.
  • Meal Plan – guidelines that are easy to follow and real food choices that have a proven success record
  • Daily Accountability that comes right to your phone or e-mail. It will keep you on target!
  • Gratitude journal…remember, changing your mindset is critical to success
  • T-Shirt
  • Movement screen to find out your strengths and weakness so we know where to push your abilities and where you need a little help
  • Before and after measurements so you see for yourself the improvements you’ve made.



Question 2: How do I register?

APPLY HERE and we will get back to you!


Question 3: How much does it cost?

If you choose to workout 3 times per week = $249

If you choose to workout 5 times per week = $349


Question 4: I’ve seen other studios and gyms offer these types of challenges, why does your offer cost more?

I never claim to be the cheapest. I claim to be the best at what I do and that is to help women get healthy, fit and strong so they look great and feel great so they are more confident, lead happier lives and live with intention.

This year was the third time in a row that Her Fitness won Best Personal Trainer


While I am very proud of this honor, it comes with a big responsibility to get my clients results and help them live healthier lifestyle.

Check this out because sometimes it’s about more than just looks:

Ready to apply?


Question 5: What if I haven’t worked out in a long time or I’ve never worked in a group?

It’s okay! You don’t have to be fit to join us. Everyone starts somewhere.

It’s an excuse to say “I have to lose weight or get in shape before I go.”


Question 6: When and How Will Measurements Be Done?

We will set individual times to take your measurements and movement screen (the Functional Movement Screen).


Question 7: What are the dates and workout times?

  • Registration Ends: Friday, September 15
  • Orientation: MUST ATTEND: Saturday, September 16 9 a.m.
  • Pre-challenge Pictures & Measurements: Saturday, September 8th
  • Challenge Start Date: Monday, September 18th
  • Challenge End Date: Friday, October 13th
  • Post-challenge Pictures & Measurements: Week of October 9
  • Post-challenge Testimonial Due: Sunday, October 15th

Workout sessions are:

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. (9 a.m. session is the only session that is offered 5 days per week)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m.

Question 8: Does everyone who applies get accepted?

No, and not for the reason you might think.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that some people need a different environment. We aren’t for everyone, but if we are the right fit for you, we’ll both know it;)


Apply Here:

If you have another question, please ask. There’s a good chance someone else has that same question…

In good health,


Marie V. Ande, BS, CSCS, FMS L2, SGT


BW Nice Hunterdon County Business Woman of the Year~2017





P.S. – I’ve specifically designed the workouts during the challenge to improve the areas we’ll be focusing on.

P.P.S. – Join me. Have some fun. Get awesome results no matter what. REGISTER TODAY!


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