Well, 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 was a pretty bad workout.

Have you ever finished a workout and thought “Well that was pretty bad. I just wasted an hour of my life.”? If you have ever felt like you wasted your time on an exercise session I’ve got good news for you…. ANY workout that you do is a good one! Yep…all workouts count!

Dan John, author/athlete/legend, often talks about “most of your workouts are less than your best, but they are still move you forward..” or some variation of this sentiment.

Each workout you do counts towards consistency and they count towards making you better.

The sick workouts The tired workouts The “I’m so pissed off” workouts (they are usually the best) The “I have cramps and my period is heavy” workouts The “my head is screaming” workouts The “I just kicked my own butt” workouts The bodyweight only workouts The breathing is exercise workouts The workouts with your friend The workouts by yourself The workouts with your kids The workouts with your dogs The workouts with long rests and the ones with short rests The workouts where you are trying not to get too sweaty because you don’t have time to do your hair again

The ones where you didn’t lift as heavy as you thought you could The workouts you didn’t complete and the ones you’ve mastered. They are all good ones. However…you have to do a workout to make it a good one 😉 Now is the perfect time to start working out!


Because you’ve been thinking about it and there will never be a perfect time!