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Valentine’s Day Workout

You are busy!


And for moms, even Valentine’s Day is a bit more hectic – getting goodies ready to send to school, maybe a special dinner made or reservations made (which means getting yourself made up in the late afternoon)…and so on…


But don’t skip a workout.


Here is a quick, body weight workout – depending on time and fitness level do this 1 time or do it 5 times.


1. Mt. Climbers (with or without gliders) If you don’t have gliders use paper plates or plastic lids from lettuce containers

Beginners: put hands on chair/stairs/counter top to elevate it – go slower

Advanced: cross body or add a push-up to every other knee to chest

2. Squat Jumps

Beginners: Hold on to counter top. Do NOT jump.

Advanced: Jump forward or add a mini-band around knees


3. Side plank with hip dip

Beginners: Short lever – your knees will be bent and you will lift your body/hips between knees as the pivot point and your elbow. Do NOT dip up and down, just hold it.

Advanced: Lift your top (or bottom leg) OR you can hold a dumbbell in your top hand and hold it up the entire time towards the ceiling.


I showed 15 x each – make sure to do both sides on the plank!

Posted by Her Fitness on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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