Have you told yourself:

  • “I’m ​not hungry in the morning, so why should I eat? Aren’t I doing mindful eating?”
  • “When I do eat breakfast it only makes me hungrier sooner in the afternoon.”
  • ​”If I eat breakfast I’ll eat more calories in the day.”

If it sounds familiar to you AND one or more of the following apply:

  1. You aren’t feeling your best
  2. Have a big energy drop in the afternoon 
  3. You aren’t seeing the results you expect from your training or “dieting ​
  4. You drink coffee in the morning

Then it’s time to add breakfast back into your routine…just give it a try for one month and see what happens!​

Don’t fool yourself with those lines above!

First, are you really eating mindfully the rest of the day?

If you can say that every meal, every time you only eat because you are hungry, you sit down and take 20 minutes to eat, putting the fork down between bites and stop eating when you don’t feel hungry anymore than I’d say go ahead and skip breakfast if you’re not hungry. Otherwise, the mindfulness is a convenience excuse.

Second, what’s the problem with being hungrier sooner in the day?

If it has to do with your work schedule and the ability to be able to eat at a certain time, it might just be a matter of shifting breakfast time or adding in an early snack.

Third, eating breakfast will probably NOT make you consume more calories.

It will probably cause you to eat fewer calories because you won’t be ravenous at your later meals and over-eat.

By eating a breakfast that has protein (yes, must have a protein) and fruit or starch, small amount of fat and some veg (fingers crossed!) you will be setting your day up for eating success!

Your body is ready to consume calories in the morning, you’ll have more energy in the morning and the afternoon and eating breakfast will help you from overeating later in the day.

Some good options for a protein source are:

  • eggs (4 whites plus a yolk)
  • chicken/turkey breast
  •  no-nitrate turkey bacon
  •  some sausage links like Balinski which are lower in fat but still higher in protein
  • protein powder
  •  white fish

….stuff you might eat for dinner is okay to eat at breakfast!

Some good options for fruit/starch are:

  • blueberries/raspberries/strawberries (buy the frozen if price is a concern)​
  • oranges
  • sweet potato
  • rice
  • gluten free steel cut oats

…only one serving!

Typically, there is enough fat in the protein source so you don’t need to add an additional source, but if you did make it one serving-something like avocado, nut butter, coconut oil or ghee.

Vegetables/leafy greens: Broccoli, spinach, yellow pepper, cauliflower, mixed greens.

Breakfast can be ANY food…don’t limit it to eggs….and by the way, you did’t read Cereal anywhere, did you? 😉