How to do a Glute Bridge properly

When you do bridges, do you feel them in your quads (front thigh) or your hamstrings (back of thigh)?

Bridges, they’re also called glute bridges or hip bridges, are a great exercise for your BUTT, but (he he;) a lot of women feel them in their quads or hamstrings.

I use bridges in  our group personal training sessions for warm-up and during the program. 

You can make them harder, but it’s  really important to do the basic exercise right before you start single leg bridging or adding resistance.

If you want to get healthy, fit and strong do these bridges and do them properly so you get the proper muscles doing the proper job so that your body works and moves well so that you can really work hard enough without hurting yourself to get the results you are after.

The video show and gives tips for you to feel this exercise where you are supposed to feel your glutes.


Tips to do a Glute Bridge properly