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Remember, I offer a money back guarantee and if you are not satisfied during any time of the 8 week program, please contact me.


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The F.A.T. Method is a form of intermittent fasting and before you stop reading because you think “I can’t do that!” I want to tell you that I thought the same thing!

I didn’t think I could not eat. I love to eat and p.s. I hate to cook (but I do it anyway).

You will eat every single day if you want to! You do not have to miss any family or special events and you can even eat the special foods at those events.

We will have individual weekly calls so you get the most benefit for YOU and your circumstances.

You must be available during day time hours to do this program because I cannot take calls in the evenings. I realize this is not possible for some women and I’m sorry that you have to miss out on this opportunity. However, because I prioritize my health and my time with family and enjoyment of life, evenings are just not possible for me on a regular basis. If you can talk during your lunch hour, I’m happy to do a coaching call then.

The calls will be Zoom or regular call and this is a big part of the program.

It’s where you get specific advice, encouragement and solutions to YOUR intermittent fasting journey.

We will cover a lot during the 8 weeks. Much of it has to do with how your every day choices, the things you are doing right now but don’t even realize it , are keeping you overweight, tired, sluggish and keeping you from living your best life!!

I care about the state of health in this country and I care about YOU. We are sick. We are unmotivated. We are weak….

……and I am tired of seeing women giving up on ever being in great shape, giving up on having confidence and giving up on being the best version of themselves because they don’t think it’s achievable any more.

I’m here to tell you “IT IS POSSIBLE!”

You can be the best version of yourself and it’s not only through intermittent fasting, it’s through the lifestyle choices you make, too.

You were lied to years ago when you were told that you can “bring home the bacon and fry up in a pan” for the next 20, 30 or 40 years and not have any negative consequences.

If you are my age (52, almost 53) or older, you will remember the commercial referenced above that basically told women they can have a (grinding) fulfilling full-time job, raise angelic children, keep the home perfectly and be completely happy while feeling calm and peaceful. In other words they told us we can have it all!

HOWEVER, that’s led to crazy stress and hormonal imbalances, depleted energy, belly fat and inflammation that’s left women fat, tired and possibly being sick.

This is where the my program comes in.

I, along with Kevin Valuzzi, the founder of the F.A.T. Method, will teach you how to do intermittent fasting and make lifestyle changes that will help you feel 10 years younger!

This is why the weekly individual coaching calls are so important!

You need a personal coach to suit your individual needs, schedule and desires. These calls are a big part of the program and they are essential and that is why I can only take a limited number of new clients into this program.

Please DO NOT SIGN UP if you have no intention of doing the individual coaching calls.

I only work with women who really desire change and have time to do things a little differently than before.

You must be able to do day time coaching calls and have time to implement the changes.

While the intermittent fasting part of the program is not time consuming at all and, in fact, It’s really very easy and makes life simple, there are other things you’ll want to do in order to get the best results.

I guarantee that you will never need to do any kind of “diet” or crazy program ever again (have you ever heard of the cabbage diet or the grapefruit diet? Yeah, this is NOT that;) )

There will be 8 recorded Zoom modules over the 8 week program. You will get one module each week.

Then, as noted above, you will receive an individual coaching call each week so we can zone in, together, on exactly what you need to do and how to implement it. This is critical and the most significant part of this program.

During the 8 weeks, you’ll get two different 4 week workouts that you can do at home or at the gym. The workouts are important, but not nearly as important as the nutrition aspect, especially when it comes to weight loss. We can modify the workouts based on your limitations, if you have any.

I’ve been training women for the last 25+ years and I’ve never been more excited about a program than I am with this. The results have been incredible, to say the least.


In good health,



“When I first started this program I was skeptical, I didn’t think I could do it but I decided to give it a try. So many people I know were doing it and were having great results, I wanted those results too. After the first week I was amazed at how easy it was and how quick the results were coming, not just on the scale but I could actually see and feel a difference. Over the 8 weeks I lost over 20 lbs. and I’m not done there! As long as I stay in control most of the time I can indulge and get right back on track without feeling guilty! This is by far the easiest program I have ever done and the support you receive from other members is incredible. I highly recommend The F.A.T. Method!” -Beth Brenzel


“Hi Kevin – I have really gotten a lot out of these past eight weeks. Most importantly, I learned to listen more to more body and not eat when I am not hungry – still a work in progress but much better at it than preprogram. I like that I feel more in control of the number I see on the scale. I am better at not beating myself up should I see an increase on the scale because now I can adjust my approach accordingly. I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds and see a BIG difference in how my clothing fits. I will continue use the F.A.T. method post-program to get to my goal weight loss some somewhere between 10-15 lbs. I love that I never feel deprived of things I like to eat (though I know I could be better in this area), and will continue to be more mindful of what goes in my mouth (and when).” -Shereen Bloom


“Kevin, I cannot say enough about your program. I tell every single person I see. I am about 10 weeks into the program and have lost 15 pounds. The program is so simple. It is black and white, which makes it so much more manageable. Not only have I lost weight, I truly have more energy and I am so much better mentally and emotionally. The beauty of your program is that I can eat normally and drink my wine on weekends and on vacation and then jump right back into it when I return! I will keep spreading the word!!!

-Barbara Ben-Yishay


“After going through Kevin’s program this fall, I lost 15 lbs. and my clothes are loose on me! I finally feel like I have the power to control my weight. It’s not that difficult, and it’s all within my control. I never found that in another nutrition or fitness program.” -Jeanne Lehane


Check out some video testimonials with Kevin Valluzzi, the Founder of the F.A.T. Method interviewing the participants

Video Interview Testimonials

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