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Core & Cardio

Personal Training in a group setting Specifically for Women.



Ladies, are you ready to get a flatter belly,

but nothing you’ve been doing is working?

It’s because plank after plank doesn’t work.

Hours on the treadmill doesn’t change the shape of your body, including your belly!


You need special core exercises specifically designed to Re-Ignite your deep abdominal muscles!


You need what other training studios in the area don’t offer, but it’s not their fault. It requires special training and knowledge to understand how the female body functions and how specific core muscles work together!


You might think crunches will give you  6-pack abs, but it is WAY more than that. And, I won’t even promise you 6-pack abs.


Here’s an example of a very specific exercise that women need to do and do it properly to get the best results:

   This is called Core Engaged Dead Bug with Stability Ball.



This 8 week Special training program is designed for Women

who have a life to live outside of the gym and can’t take all day training.


It’s designed for busy moms with kids and women who have jobs that are flexible in hours or times AND still want to feel great about themselves.


It’s designed ESPECIALLY for a woman’s body.



Core and Cardio is designed for women who can spend

at least 2 hours per week coming in to the studio to train with us.


Women’s bodies are different then mens. You have to train it differently!


So Are You:

    Ready to get rid of your muffin top or belly pooch?

  Sick of looking at the clothes in the back of your closet, hoping that one day you’ll fit back in?

  Desperate to feel more confident about your body?

  Tired of the energy drain in the afternoon?


This 8 week special program is designed especially for WOMEN to help


and Get A Stronger, Flatter Core


Program Includes:

✓ 2 Group Personal Training Sessions Per Week

✓Daily Fat Loss Habit Accountability- Daily check in keeps you on track

✓Program Design – you don’t have to worry about one more thing.

✓Body Measurements – You need to know the program is working!

✓Movement Analysis – see strengths & weakness so you can get stronger

✓Special Individualized Exercises – move better, get better results, feel better

✓Access to Private FB Page – Friday workouts, recipes, ask questions, get inspired


If you are ready to change the way your body looks, feels and moves, then take the step to fill out the link, e-mail me or call me to Register! 

  Fill out your info here on Wufoo or the “contact” button on the first page



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