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Bypass Your Cravings

Lack of willpower is not a personality flaw.

Improving your willpower does take some practice, though.

When you have a craving for something that’s not so good for your health or your waistline (it’s amazing how we don’t typically crave more spinach!) you know that you have to look at how you ate the day before or that day.

Did you skip a meal or two?

Did you forget to eat a piece of fruit?

Did you workout really hard and not refuel?

Low and behold, you can’t stop thinking about donuts or Skinny Pop.

Here’s something else to realize – our cravings cycle. They are usually gone a half hour later.

So, if you can hold out by occupying yourself with something else to do that is enjoyable, then your craving will like go away.

Sometimes, just remembering that fact is enough to keep you going.

If, however, you want to practice building up your “willpower muscle” there is something you do.

Dr. Mike Roussell, PhD., author of Metashred Diet, talks about decision fatigue.

Decision Fatigue is when the quality of your decisions decrease as you make more and more decisions over a period of time. A choice to put half and half versus 2% milk in your coffee is one of the first decision in a long day of decision making for most of the adult population and it counts towards filling up the willpower bucket.  As you approach dinner time, those chips start looking very tasty!

Okay, so how to build that Willpower Muscle: Begin practicing the easy stuff.

Find small ways to get a Win. 

-Get up 1 minute sooner.
-Have one less bite of dinner
-Run 100 extra yards
-Do 1 more push-up
-Have 1/4 cup less oatmeal (going from 2 cups to 1/2 cup can be hard! Do it in baby steps)

You get the idea! Reward yourself for these tiny wins and start increasing them as you get stronger.

Do NOT use “Lack of Willpower” as your excuse to throw in the towel.

If you want to FEEL BETTER, Look Better, but you feel funny or embarrassed about joining a group because you don’t know how or what to do than THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!.

Our upcoming  Total Body Transformation Challenge will give you the kickstart you need, plus we are Personal Trainers…it our job to show you what to do, how to do, etc. Each and every client had her very first day when she didn’t know what or how to do anything.

It starts January 22 and I can only accept 10 women who have the time and ability to workout at least 3 times per week.

Spots, especially, during certain training sessions, are extremely limited.

Are you embarrassed that you don’t know what to do or that you won’t be able to “keep up”? (Plus, every single woman, including me, had her first day in the gym so we were where you’re at!)

Don’t be….that is why we are here:) . We are here to help you.

Our program includes:

  • Group Personal Training up to 3x per week
  • Meal Plan
  • Daily Accountability
  • Customized exercises
  • Grocery list and more.

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