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Before you step on the scale

Before you step on the scale tomorrow (when you are butt naked and have gone to the bathroom), think about this….will it help you make better choices today? It might, it might not. You decide.

At Her Fitness, the reason we don’t recommend weighing yourself daily is because women tend to let the result set the tone for the rest of their day based on it and in two distinct ways.

Reaction #1: You lose what you are expecting or more and you’re so happy with yourself that you get over confident. You start to think: “I can have a little more of “X” because I did “good” on the scale today.”

This sometimes turns into a slippery slope of a little extra here, and a little extra there until you’ve gained back those few pounds lost.

Reaction #2: The scale doesn’t say what you want it to say and it leads to MAJOR disappointment, anger, discouragement, loss of motivation. Basically, you climb out on a ledge and have to be talked down (usually by your trainer that told you not to get on the scale in the first place).

If you are coming from a long history of weighing yourself often, then the of  idea weighing yourself only occasionally (once per week or month) can be too radical of a change.

I have some Tips To Keep It In Perspective and help make your weigh-ins less of an emotional minefield.

1. Weight loss is not linear. It is normal to fluctuate from day to day based on what you ate, how much you have digested, your hydration, your activity (did you know that you are more likely to weigh more the day after a strength workout?) and where you are on your cycle (plus many more reasons).

Even if you were to eat and drink the exact same thing day after day your weight would still fluctuate up and down. That’s just how the body works.

Therefore, weighing yourself every day is totally useless and a bit obsessive.

What you are looking for is a downward trend. Over the span of 6-8 weeks you will have weeks where you gain, lose and stand still, but your focus should be on tracking the net loss over the long haul despite the ups and downs of day-to day. THAT is all that matters.

2. How you look in the mirror, or better yet, pictures will SHOW you the changes in your body shape, and after all, that is what you are really after!

If you can see a difference in how you look and in how your clothes fit, let that be enough. You are probably on the right track and should keep doing what you are doing.

Real Talk: If the scale goes more than 2 weeks in a row without moving down or moving in the wrong direction, then you need to reevaluate.

10 times out of 10 there is something with your nutrition that needs adjusting. 10 times out of 10.

3. Don’t Let The Scale Rule Your Life! Your weight is just your relationship with gravity. It’s not a measure of what you are worth or how much you mean to those around you.

Does this mean it’s silly to want to lose weight? Of course not. Taking care of yourself is one of THE most important things you can do.

So…unless you plan on putting your weight in your obituary, the tears, bad moods, self-hate and feelings of failure that rob you of the joy of living your life is not worth it.

Take the number as the fact that it is, make adjustments and keep moving forward.


In case you missed this recipe last week, here it is again. It’s been my breakfast for the past week!


Chocolate Strawberry Meal Replacement Shake

These are some other  protein powders I use and like:

Vegetarian source: My Custom Cleanse (

Fit 365 (this one has carbs and fat but rather low in these macronutrients)

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