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We are training your core…which means we are training everything to get stronger, move better and feel great!


Nearly every single woman I screen before beginning our program demonstrates a lack of core strength, endurance and proper sequencing.


You see, our deep core muscles, like the transverse abdominis,  are supposed to activate BEFORE all other muscles do.


These muscles are designed to STOP excessive motion through the core, hips and low back and when they are doing their job properly…other muscles get overused and overworked.


Have you ever experiences back pain, knee pain, neck / shoulder pain?


The pain you are experiencing might be caused by poor core functioning.


Have you ever been pregnant?

Do you or did you sit for a good portion of the day?

Have you ever had surgery?

Have you ever had an injury?


If you said “Yes” to any of these questions,  there’s a good chance your core musculature is not firing up and working like it’s meant to or like it could!


If you want to get stronger, feel better, move better than register for my up-coming special series class..ab/core class.


The dates are as follows and all Thursdays: October 22, November 5, 12, 19, December 3, 10.

**You will need a set of Resistance Bands and a stability ball (55cm or 65 cm works best for most women)

Ab/Core Class

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