21 Things I learned from NOT training for a ½ Marathon

1.     While it is doable, it’s generally a bad idea, which leads to #2.
2.     Train for your race.
3.     It’s more fun when you start the race with friends than by yourself.
4.     It’s more fun when someone is waiting for you at the end, you cross the finish with a friend or you finish first and cheer your friend through the finish line.
5.     Use Body Glide.
6.     Have music, but take some time away from it and enjoy the scenery, sounds and the surroundings.
7.     If it’s cold, wear a “throw-away” shirt, jacket, gloves, pants…whatever you need to keep your body warm in the beginning. It should be something you don’t care about leaving behind and never seeing again.
8.     Get up early enough to foam roll and have good breakfast.
9.     If you are traveling to your race and you don’t know what will be available for breakfast, bring your own.
10. Have all of your gear out and ready to go the night before.
11. Pin your number on the front of your shirt the night before. (you will get safety pins in your race packet)
12. If your sneakers are old, go buy new ones and train in them. (Same thing for orthotics)
13. Pick your race packet up the night before and leave time to check out the expo. Some expos are really good!
14. Hydrate early and often.
15. Re-fuel earlier than you think you need to.
16. Someone is always faster and someone is always slower.
17. The person who is faster will always be someone decades older than you.
18. Everyone around you has a story. Never pre-judge anyone because, unless you ask, you don’t know his or her history.
19. It’s better to focus on the finish than the current pain you might be experiencing.
20. The people on the sidelines cheering on the runners are awesome and greatly appreciated. Say “Thank-You for cheering me on!” because it can get boring for them and they don’t have to be there.
21. Have Advil ready…just in case

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